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Why Jaipur

Raw Material Procurement

  • Since most precious, semi-precious and synthetic gemstones are cut and polished in Jaipur, they are widely available at competitive prices
  • The gemstone market of Jaipur gives access to the rarest and most exotic gemstones that can be procured at reasonable price
  • Sourcing diamonds specific to our clients’ requirements is very convenient since 8 out 10 diamonds worldwide are cut and polished in India itself

Specialized Workforce

  • Jaipur possesses a high density of skilled workforce that carry out various vocations within the supply chain of the gems and Jewelry industry
  • Our team of technical experts provide a robust support system to ensure optimum utilization of our manufacturing capacity

Special Economic Zone

  • Jaipur is the leading manufacturing cluster for gems and Jewelry industry in India. As a result, the government has allocated Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Jaipur to promote export of gems and Jewelry.
  • SEZ allows hassle-free import and export of raw materials, as well as ready goods. Import custom restriction on return goods are also eased to facilitate international business.
  • Waiver of duty and provision of tax benefits on import of raw materials, machinery and technology allow us to lower our costs and improve productivity which is passed on to our clients as lower prices.