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Private Label Solutions

Jaipur Jewelry Federation (JJF) is the FIRST Jewelry Manufacturers' group which is capable of offering complete Private Label solutions to MNC Retail Corporations and Jewelry Retailers in Fine Jewelry segment (Gemstone studded Jewelry and Plain Jewelry in Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum).

From Conceptualization to Mass Production to Logistical Support to Branding to Content Writing to Store Launch. Ease for all, grievance for none!

What JJF can offer in Private Label Solution:

  • Tailor-made Jewelry Collection(s) meant specifically for a Retailer's need.
  • Fine Jewelry collections as per each Season of year apart from regular merchandise.
  • Pricing better than the regional, national or International Brands in Fine Jewelry segment.
  • Top notch Product Quality in Fine Jewelry segment.
  • Well written Brand story and product selling points with each Fine Jewelry collection(s).
  • Sustainable and Responsible manufacturing of Fine Jewelry in RJC, ISO and BSCI certified units based out in Jaipur, India.
  • Faster production order turnarounds and replenishments. Better control on Supply Chain!
  • Pro-active approach to further Product Developments and Range Extensions which results in shorter PD Cycle!
  • In-depth Market Research by JJF to make sure Retailer gets the best Fine Jewelry and provide Customer Delight to stakeholders.
  • Better profit margins for retailers which in turn helps build value and recognition.
  • Retailer can give Prime/Marquee locations to Private Labels for better Customer Servicing.

Let's co-create in this Private Label Universe!

To know more, reach out to us: office@jaipurjewelry.org