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Artisanal Jeweler
Artisanal Jewelry
  • We emphasize on preserving the skills of our craftsmen by providing vocational training workshops.
  • We use century-old techniques of Jewelry making that we have fostered over the years by taking inspiration from different parts of the world
  • Since our work is largely handmade, our craftsmen are part of the creative process and, therefore, form pieces beyond machine limitations
  • Our artisans, karigars, have mastered the art of precision cutting and polishing to fashion not only calibrated but also fancy shape gemstones
Machine-made Jewelry
Machine-made Jewelry
  • We employ 3D printing machines to accurately create wax models as well as precisely replicate the same design for large multiple orders
  • Our advanced casting machines ensure all our Jewelry pieces are porosity free
  • We use highly efficient, mechanized CNC machines to produce ultra lightweight Jewelry
  • Our electroplating and electroforming technologies allow us to gild metal to the most accurate micron level
Artisanal Jeweler
Quality Check
  • Total Quality Management is embedded in every step of the manufacturing process to ensure the Jewelry piece is of the utmost quality
  • Our dedicated team of quality control personnel carefully inspects each Jewelry piece before it is dispatched to our clients